Henna Adventure Schedule


6:00pm-7:00pm Beginner Bootcamp

7:00pm-9:00pm Individual Appointments with Instructors


8:30-9:15 Registration and check in:

9:30am-9:50 Introductions and Opening Ceremony

10:00-10:50 Tamara: Shields Up

How do you work as a henna artist and stay grounded so you don't take on other people's stuff? This class will cover a variety of techniques to energetically protect yourself before and during appointments, parties and festivals, and how to process it afterwards. Stop sponging and start shielding! 


11:00-11:50 Deborah Brommer: Moroccan Design 

Moroccan henna is recognizable style with its crisp lines and strong geometric forms, and it has a fascinating cultural history. Deb Brommer will be teaching us how to incorporate its bold and striking style into your own henna work, so come join us at the PNW Henna Adventure!


12:00-12:50 Antoinette and Wendy: Craft This!

Ever want to extend your henna skills beyond body art? Find yourself thinking about henna designs in different media or in multiple colors? Wish there was a way to have some henna art that is not ephemeral? Wonder how you might monetize your henna skills after the summer season ends? PNW Henna Adventure co-hosts Wendy and Antoinette have the answers and will share them with you in thier class "Craft That!". We'll break down how to prep surfaces, mix pigments, find the right products to use and the best suppliers for them and discuss color theory, mixed media, sealants, and how to generate some supplemental income with your crafts.


1:00-2:00 Catherine Lent: Lettering for Henna Artists 

Many henna artists who are happy doing a full bridal design or an epic full-leg floral design fall all to pieces when asked for TEXT. Catherine's Lettering for Henna Artists reveals the secret to beautiful lettering every time. The keys to gorgeous calligraphy are likely skills you already have and are already applying to other designs, and with a few important tips can be learned and applied so that you're not only not afraid to do words anymore, you're actually seeking clients who want a henna mantra.


 2:00-3:00 Lunch (bring or buy your own)


3:00-3:50 Sarah: Henna Crowns

Sarah will be sharing her knowledge about creating henna crowns. They're a special service we can offer our clients and loved ones, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Find out more about the do’s and don’ts of these important designs. 


4:00-4:50 Nev Levin    Uncover Your Style 

In this world of pattern saturation, cultural tradition and global accessibility it can be hard to find your own unique voice as a henna artist. In this class we will dive into the pool of pattern language to find a core sense of what is your voice.
One of the most important moments of creation comes when we allow our “supposed-to’s” to fade and open ourselves up to possibility without limit. Drawing from your culture, your passion and your own storyline you will, through a series of exercises, be given tools to uncover your core style. Come prepared to play!


5:00-5:50 Malynda Frazee   Anatomy of Fantasy: Winged Creatures

The mother of dragons herself, Malynda of @mountainmehndi, will be teaching us how to break down the anatomical structure of our favorite winged creatures in order to quickly and easily adapt them to henna design. You'll leave this class with the confidence and ability to draw your own freehand dragons and learn how to better adapt reference artwork into your henna technique! ⠀


6:00-7:00 Jason Alan: Rethinking Value and Connection

In his session, Jason guides us to think outside of the bridal/festival/vendor and party business models, and gives us his insight into the true value of private appointments in our existing connection based business.


7:00-7:15 Group Photo 

 7:30 -10:30 Dinner and Henna Party