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Q: Is there public transportation to the event location?

A: Because we are located in a residential neighborhood in the West Hills of Portland, close public transportation to the venue is limited. The nearest transit center is the Barbur Transit Center and busses from Downtown Portland and from Washington Square area hotels run to that transit center frequently throughout the day and night. We are planning on offering small group pick-ups from limited locations to help make your transportation to the event easier. We will pick-up Saturday morning from: Barbur Transit Center, Embassy Suites Washington Square, and Starbucks in Multnomah Village. If you think you will require a pick-up from one of these spots, let us know as soon as possible and we will get you on the list!

Q: How much is a Lyft or Uber from Downtown Portland or the Embassy Suites Washington Square?

A: An Uber or Lyft from downtown PDX will be about $15-$20, and from the Embassy Suites it will be about $12-$17.

Q: Is there free parking?

A: Yes, there is plenty of parking in the West Hills Friends parking lot and also at the school parking lot across the street.

Q: Can I bring my infant/child?

A: Because we are going to be in an intimate setting with only two rooms, we have some limits regarding small children. Babies that are not walking are welcome to come with their mothers. Toddlers and younger children under 12 should not plan on attending. Teens are invited to register for the event, but should plan on attending with a parent or adult friend.

Q: Is there a registration deadline?

A: The registration deadline for passes, class block and dinner/party tickets is April 7th at 11:59 pm. You may still purchase Raffle Tickets until April 11th at 12:00pm. Extra add-ons (Boot-camp, henna appointments, and mentoring with instructors) also close at noon on April 12th.

Q: Can I register for just a henna appointment or mentoring session with an instructor but not atend classes?

A: You can absolutely register for a henna appointment and/or a mentoring session with an instructor even if you can’t attend any of the class blocks or evening dinner and party. Just please let us know if you are booking a mentoring session only so we can schedule that in advance.

Q: Can I pay by cash, check, or other payment besides PayPal?

A: If you prefer to pay by cash or check, or using a different card payment than PayPal get in touch at henna@rovinghorse.com.

Q: If I register and can’t make it, can I get a refund?

A: If you need to cancel your registration, please contact us at henna@rovinghorse.com.

Q: Will there be classes for all levels?

A: Whether you are a pro, a brand-new beginner, a dabbler, or merely interested in learning more about henna in general and want to give it your first try, all of our classes are geared to offer something for everybody.

Q: Can I enter the raffle if I am not planning on attending the event?

A: You must be attending at least the evening dinner/party to be eligible to enter the raffle.

Q: Is there a smoking area at the venue?

A: There is absolutely NO SMOKING or VAPING on the West Hills Friends property. If you want to smoke, you will need to go to the street parking area for the school across the street from the Meeting House.

Q: Can I bring my own adult beverages to the party?

A: Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages or legal or illegal substances to this event. We have a strict drug/alcohol free policy.

Q: What if I have special food needs, can these be accommodated?

A: We understand what it is like to have food issues! You may bring your own food. Lunch is a BBYO -bring or buy your own- situation already. For dinner, it is our goal to be able to offer dishes for people with most food limitations (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, keto, paleo) but you may want to plan to supplement something for your own food issues if you have them. Please get in touch with us with any concerns about the menu or food storage, we will do our best for you and are happy to help sort out the details for dinner.

Q: Can I bring my own henna to use?

A: We ask that you please NOT bring any outside henna or body art products to use at this event. All the supplies needed will be provided by SARAHENNA.

Q: Will there be jagua to use or classes about jagua?

A: We will not be offering classes on jagua or providing jagua supplies for use. Please do not bring jagua to the event.

Q: Will there be glitter to use?

A: There will be glitter available to use. We request that all glitter be applied outside away from doorways.