Rules and Regulations 

We have a few rules and housekeeping issues:

We are so grateful to the West Hills Friends Community for letting us use their space! We have a few rules and housekeeping issues that everyone needs to be mindful of so that we can take good care of the space and have a safe and stress free day.

  • This event is about having fun, making friends, and diving into the ancient art of henna.

  • If you have concerns or questions, please ask any of the instructors, staff, or your hosts Wendy, Sarah, and Antoinette.

  • We are very fortunate to have the use of West Hills Friends Community Hall. Please be respectful of the space and clear your area when you are done. Keep an eye out for things that may have gotten left behind by someone and clear those things too.

  • Please do not use the rooms on the side of the hall, these are for preschool students and Sunday school groups and are off limits to our group. Please do not touch or move any of the items from the shelves in the small room.

  • No smoking or vaping anywhere on the West Hills Friends property. The smoking area is across the street. Please dispose of cigrette butts appropriately and do not bring them into the hall.

  • No alcohol or drugs. Save your partying for when the event is over.

  • If you are sick with a respiratory or stomach illness or have had a fever in the last 24 hours, please do not come to the event. Contact us and we will sort out your refund.

  • We would like to keep this event as scent free as possible. Perfumes, scented body products, incenses and oils can seriously affect the health of people, and mixed with the essential oils in henna can quickly become too much.

  • Sealants and Glitter powders are for outdoor application only.

  • Please do not remove dried henna paste in the building. Scrape off henna over grassy areas or on the street (not parking lot) outside or over a sink or trash can.

  • Don’t leave food or drinks, or especially henna cones, lying around on floors or furniture.

  • All the henna supplies you need for the day will be provided for you by our supplies sponsor SARAHENNA. Please do not bring in outside henna paste or other products to use at this event. Fresh henna cones will be available, trade in your empty cone to recieve a fresh one.