Welcome to the Henna Adventure

Join us For an amazing day of learning

The evening of April 12

and All Day April 13

In Portland, Oregon

7425 SW 52nd Ave, Portland, OR 97219

West Hills Friends Community Hall


Hosted by:

Sarahenna, Magic Magpie Studio, and Roving Horse Henna

Materials sponsored by Sarahenna


Friday Evening

  • Beginner Bootcamp Basics

  • Individual Henna Appointments with

    Internationally Acclaimed Henna Artists

  • In Person Shopping with SARAHENNA Shop


Saturday All day

  • Full Day of Classes

  • Raffles

  • Catered Dinner

  • Evening Henna Party

  • 1 on 1 Mentor Sessions

  • In person shopping with SARAHENNA Shop

    ***Limited spaces available for appointments and mentor sessions so book ASAP***

Pricing by package or a la carte

introducing our amazing instructors


Catherine Lent


Henna called Catherine Lent's name when she was seven, invited her to play when she was fifteen, and finally moved into her heart's house for good twenty years later. Catherine's professional life started in teaching high school literature, moved to freelance calligraphy and paper marbling, and now has shifted to a place where her henna art has become the main focus of her work. In the henna community, she is known for unique patterns, clean radial geometry, her use of lettering, and enthusiastic teaching. She is delighted that this particular skill set has brought her to teach at Henna Con for several years, as well as at the Windy City Mehndi Meet, Minneapolis's Polar Sling, and most recently, London's Henna Huddle. Catherine loves more than all else how henna connects the human family across history, geography, style, and culture, and she is very excited to make those connections with you.


Jason Alan

@jason_ alan_henna

Jason offers professional henna services full-time in Kansas City, operating his business at Dear You Tattoo shop. He specializes in private appointments and slow intricate henna. He is fortunate to do work that matters for people who care, in a connection based fashion. While committed to learning and appreciating traditional design and use, his technical direction leans towards style fusion and innovative, gender neutral design. Jason places the connection value of the artist and wearer above all, adorning the skin with henna allows him to be a conduit of self expression and appreciate the various intentions of the wearer.


Sarah Walters


Sarah Walters is an internationally respected artist known for her elegant, precise lines and eye for symmetry. Her work with henna crowns has attracted quite a bit of media attention, with two viral videos including a BBC video that received over 24 million views. She has been so grateful for the opportunity to serve her community by doing exactly what she loves. Over the years, Sarah has recruited many of her family members into her business. Her husband handles most of the retail orders, while her brother, sisters and daughters do henna at events or run the front of the festival booth! A self-proclaimed data & tech nerd, she loves the business side of her henna venture and feels blessed that it henna has brought together so many of her passions into one.


Deborah Brommer


Deborah Brommer has been a henna artist since discovering the art form in 1999 in Morocco. In the years since she has taught henna at a multitude of face and body art conventions and conferences, has published 3 books of henna designs for the artist, and is a board member of the ICNHA (International Certification for Natural Henna Artists), an organization which supports the safety, scientific and cultural knowledge of henna among its members.


Malynda Tomassian


Malynda Tomassian has been working with henna for over 20 years. She created Mountain Mehndi in 2004, one of the first henna companies in the Rocky Mountain west. Mountain Mehndi artists specialize in large events and outdoor festivals, combining both traditional and contemporary design work, and Malynda is known in the professional henna artist community for incorporating painting, realism, and tattoo-style drawing techniques into the ancient art of henna.


Wendy Rover


Wendy Rover has been working with henna for 25 years and is the owner and principal artist at Roving Horse Henna. She is known for her pioneering work in western fusion design and henna focused editorial and concept photography. For Wendy, participating in the connection that henna forges between plant and person, past and present, between cultures, between one another, is the highlight of her work. It is a great honor for her to adorn her clients as they celebrate joy and special moments in their lives with henna.


Nev Levin


Genevieve “Nev” Levin, is a world renowned full-time henna artist based in New England. She runs ReMarkable Blackbird and Blackbird Soaps. Ms. Levin is internationally certified (ICNHA) in the art of henna and is a skilled practitioner in all styles. Nev is also a multi-media artist, using embroidery, paint, paper and found objects to showcase an attachment to grit and wabi-sabi. She creates vibrant artwork infused with the idea that we are, at a core level, all connected. With a goal to find ways to remember that if we see our connection, we can shift perspective enough to heal some very deep wounds. She teaches beginning to advanced level workshops around the world and is especially drawn to large scale designs and pregnant belly henna.


Antoinette Hippe


Antoinette Hippe has been hennaing people for nearly 20 years, with a popular henna studio in Seattle since 2011 and a wide festival following in the Puget Sound area. She’s been known for her breakthrough work in henna realism (remember Grumpy Cat?) and recently for her Instagram Live series “Magpie Mondays”. She loves teaching, with a long history of classes at Henna Con and other regional events, and is looking forward to working with you! Her website is www.antoin.net and you can visit any social media at @antoindotnet to see more of Magic Magpie Henna Studio and Antoinette’s fun style!


Tamara Brown


Tamara Brown of Opal Moon Henna has been a Henna Artist since 1998, and a Reiki Master since 2005. She practices Ceremonial Henna, a combination of body art, symbolism, energy work, channeled messages and guidance.