Some people use para-phenylenediamine to make “black henna”.  This can cause severe allergic reactions, with blistering and permanent scarring. It can also lead to permanent health problems and life threatening sensitization to a whole class of chemicals.

Do not ever get a “black henna” tattoo!  Use only safe, natural, red-brown henna.

   The only way you can know for sure whether the henna you are considering is safe is to ask these four questions:

  •    Do you use safe natural red henna? The answer should be, “Yes”.

  •    Do you make your henna paste yourself?  The answer should be, "Yes".
  •  What are the ingredients? The answer should be, "Henna powder, lemon juice or water, some kind of sugar, and essential oils"

Henna can often be purchased at specialty grocery stores at  what seems like a huge bargain.

BEWARE of these products!

The unrefrigerated shelf life of natural henna is 3-7 days. If it was mixed and shipped from somewhere far away the odds are it will not stain your skin or if it does it contains a PPD based dye and or some other chemical additives plus henna. Some chemical additives in addition to PPD include butane, hexane, kerosene mercuric acetate. None of these things is safe to put on your skin.




henna is never black!



Warning: images of injuries caused by black henna below