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Adorn Your Body, Inspire Your Spirit

Roving Horse Henna Provides

the finest henna body art

for every occasion.


Henna  body art has been used to commemorate and celebrate special moments and occasions for thousands of years. Today you can choose to be adorned with henna for your wedding, birthday, bat mitzvah, graduation or other spacial occasion. You can choose henna to celebrate friendship, beauty, fun, luck, love, joy, and most of all to celebrate the beauty of yourself.


Henna for Every Body!

Whether you need bridal mehndi, henna for a party or event, to adorn a pregnant belly, create a healing crown, or for the  simple pleasure of wearing ephemeral adornment, we can meet your needs. 

Our principal artist, Wendy Rover, has been working with henna professionally for over 10 years and is highly skilled. Wendy will work with you to create designs that suit your style and your budget. 

 At Roving Horse Henna we source the best quality henna powders in the world and the finest essential oils to make our henna paste. We mix our henna from scratch and take extra care to make sure that you get the safest, freshest henna paste possible for the best results every time. 


New for Spring- group Henna classes!!!

Join us this March and April for a series of Henna workshops and one HUGE henna learning event- The Pacific Northwest Henna Adventure!

For information about classes and registration visit the HENNA CLASSES page or