Henna Classes and Adventures! Oh my!


Just in time for the beginning of Spring

In February, when the days grow longer but the cold grows stronger, it is nice to have some fun things to look forward to. Roving Horse Henna has some really awesome events coming up for you to add to your calendar just in time for the beginning of spring! For the first time ever, we are offering group henna classes! Our first class, The Magic of Henna: Beginning Basics, on March 9 features history, mixology, learning about regional styles and elements of design. Our second class, The Rhythm of Design, will focus on design lay-out, symbolism, and the foundations of ornamental design. All the supplies you need will be provided, plus an information and practice packet and goody bag with supplies for practicing at home!

Plus! This class series is built to get you prepared for an even more exciting henna learning opportunity! (Scroll down to learn more!)

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But Wait! There’s More!


The Pacific Northwest Henna Adventure!!!!!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and have always wanted to go to a Henna Conference and wished there was one in your own back yard…now there is! Hosted by Roving Horse Henna, SARAHENNA, and Magic Magpie Studio, The Pacific Northwest Henna Adventure is a Friday evening and All Day Saturday exploration of henna. Featuring world class instructors in an intimate setting (participants are limited to 35), a catered South Indian dinner and Saturday evening henna party, in person shopping with SARAHENNA, the opportunity for henna appointments with our instructors AND the opportunity for one on one mentoring with our instructors, this event is geared to offer something for everyone. From henna enthusiast to intermidiate artist to seasoned pro, there is something for everyone in every class!

Our teacher line-up is out of this world!

  • Antoinette Hippe @Antoindotnet

  • Catherine Lent @Catherinelentdesign

  • Jason Alan @Jason_Alan_henna

  • Sarah Walters @Sarahenna

  • Deborah Brommer @Debbrommerarts

  • Genevieve Levin @Remarkableblackbird

  • Malynda Tomassian @Mountainmehndi

  • Tamara Brown @Opalmoonhenna

  • Wendy Rover @Rovinghorsehenna

    We have pricing options for everyone, from all inclusive packages, to a la carte classes, to exra add-ons, there is an easy and affordable way for you to participate. And truly, you can not beat the pricing for what you will gain from attending.

    Explore the PNW Henna Adventure!